13 Fishing Concept A


● Line Capacity 110 yds / 12 lbs
● Max Drag 22 lbs
● AB Bearings 3
● CHB Bearings 3
● Weight 6.8oz
● Saltwater


The Concept A is a smooth, lightweight reel that performs.  Engineered with the right materials in the right places, it is built to withstand the rigors of competitive fishing.  With 22 lbs of bulldog drag, it will put the brakes on any fish in fresh or saltwater.


Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Reel Options

A6.6-LH Left Hand 26.1" per crank, A7.3-LH Left Hand 28.9" per crank, A8.1-LH Left Hand 32" per crank, A5.3-RH Right Hand 21" per crank, A6.6-RH Right Hand 26.1" per crank, A7.3-RH Right Hand 28.9" per crank, A8.1-RH Right Hand 32" per crank