Down South Lures


Our Southern Shad line of soft plastic baits are offered in a variety of proven fish catching colors.  We have colors developed for stained and clear water applications.  The colors that are developed for clear water have a semi-transparent colored tail and body.  We feel this gives the bait a more natural look.  The opaque colors were developed for fishing in stained water, thus giving the bait greater visibility.


Whether you are chasing Speckled Trout and Redfish on the pristine grass flats of the Lower Laguna Madre, or enjoy watching a Snook slam a topwater along a mangrove filled shoreline in Florida; we have what you are looking for.

Down South Lures is a family run business that was inspired to make their own line of fishing lures because of our love for the coast and the great fishing that it offers.  We are conservationists at heart and believe that preserving the coastal ecosystems is of great importance for future generations.

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Blue Moon, Bone Diamond, Candy Apple, Howell"s Strawberry Wine, La Rue's Salty Sassy, True Plum, Frozen Smoke, Nuclear Needle Nose, Watermelon Chartruse, Kickin' Chicken, Spicy Pumpkinseed, Plum Chartruse, Bone Glow Chartruse, Flamingo, Pumpkinseed Chartruse, Chicken Of The "C", Texas Roach, Magic Grass, Red Shad, Limetruse, White Ice, Keylime, Dirty Tequila