Fins Windtamer


Test 15lb; Diameter .009; Mono Lb. Test Equiv. Dia. 6
Test 20lb; Diameter .010; Mono Lb. Test Equiv. Dia. 6+
Test 30lb; Diameter .012; Mono Lb. Test Equiv. Dia. 10
Test 40lb; Diameter .013; Mono Lb. Test Equiv. Dia. 10+
Test 50lb; Diameter .014; Mono Lb. Test Equiv. Dia. 12


FINS WINDTAMER is a 100% spectra braid but with additional processing. Windtamer braid has been treated by means of a proprietary process resulting in a compacted round and smooth structure with a firm body. This enables Windtamer to pack very well on reels without pulling into itself and cuts through the wind to cast without wind knots and rod tip wrapping. Saltwater inshore fishing is a situation where Windtamer stands out, particularly for those using baitcasting reels. FINS new pink color features low visibility below the water and high visibility above the water.

Additional information


Yellow, Pink, Green

Line Strength

15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb