Lew’s® Speed Spool® Inshore LFS Series Casting



  • One-piece aluminum frame with three external drain ports on the frame, graphite sideplates
  • Machine forged, double anodized, braid ready, high capacity aluminum spool
  • Premium 8-bearing system with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and Zero-Reverse anti-reverse
  • High strength solid brass gearing
  • Externally-adjustable magnetic brake system (MCS)
  • Blue anodized aluminum spool tension knob with audible click
  • Rugged carbon fiber drag system provides up to 14 lbs. of drag power
  • Bowed graphite star drag with audible click
  • Anodized, bowed, aluminum handle with Lew’s® custom paddle knobs
  • External lube port
  • Titanium-coated Zirconia line guide


The Lew’s Speed Spool® Inshore LFS reel serves up the perfect combination of high-strength and affordability in a one-piece aluminum frame baitcaster built on Lew’s new smaller and lighter platform. There’s a lot of reel for the money in this compact workhorse that features 8 premium double-shielded stainless bearings, Lew’s dependable MCS magnetic cast control system, oversized titanium-coated Zirconia line guide, deep and braid-ready aluminum spool, bowed 95MM aluminum cranking handle and rugged carbon composite drag system with up to 14 pounds of drag power. The reel has three external drain ports on the frame, plus a quick release side mechanism to allow fast and easy access to the spool and braking system

Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Reel Options

Model # SSI 1H, Model # SSI 1SH