Paul Brown’s Original Suspending Twitchbait


Model: OR, Length: 3-5/8″, WEIGHT: 11/16 Oz.



The Original features a soft-bodied mullet profile and is scientifically weighted with the use of an internal wire harness and added “fish calling” rattle. The Originals “suspending” action and life-like eye is what makes this lure so successful. With a twitching retrieve, the Original darts erratically from side-to-side making it deadly on coastal predators. For skinnier situations, use the Original Floater. Try this Texas Secret in your waters. You won’t be disappointed.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Lure Colors

01 Pearl Chartreuse Back, 02 Strawberry White Tail, 03 Strawberry Black Back, 05 Purple Chartreuse Belly, 06 Chartreuse Black Back, 07 Silver Chartreuse Tail, 08 Pink Silver, 09 Black Gold Orange, 10 Pearl Black Back, 12 Black Back/Pearl/Chartreuse Belly, 15 Bone Back/Silver Whisker Glitter, 17 Pink Back/Pearl/Pink Belly, 18 Green Back/Silver Glitter, 19 Opening Night, 20 Chicken, 21 Roach, 93 Bone, 98 TX Chicken, 30 Purple Demon, 31 Glow Chartreuse Tail