Paul Brown’s Fat Boy Suspending Twitchbait


Model: FB, Length: 3-1/2″, WEIGHT: 7/8 Oz.



Favorite among wade fishermen, the Fat Boy features a wide-bodied profile and suspending action which catches large fish. Fat Boy is weighted for long casts and features a special vacuumed rattle which completes its effectiveness. Fat Boy Floater runs shallower than the Fat Boy and was designed by Paul Brown to fish “skinny” waters.

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Lure options

01 Pearl Chartreuse Back, 02 Strawberry White Tail, 05 Purple Chartreuse Belly, 08 Pink Silver, 10 Pearl Black Back, 11 Black Back/Silver Glitter/ Pink Belly, 12 Black Back/Pearl/Chartreuse Belly, 15 Bone Back/Silver Whisker Glitter, 16 Tequila Sunrise, 18 Green Back/Silver Glitter, 19 Opening Night, 21 Roach, 31 Glow Chartreuse Tail, 49 Bayou Grn Back/Slvr Whisker Gl, 93 Bone, 98 Pink Back Chartreuse, Belly, 95 Dayglow, 99 Emerald Green Silver